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Alex's first painting

Welcome to
Couleurs Vives!

Couleurs Vives Art Studio & Gallery is a non-profit organization in Downtown Davis for neurodivergent artists. We work together with our artists to build community and inclusion. Our team learns many skills through art and crafts such as: motor skills, design planning, and social skills. This space is also an opportunity for our artists to create and advertise their products if they want to start a micro-business. We believe in an inclusive community that focuses on helping our artists and helping them succeed in the community.

Our artists can attend weekly classes with all supplies provided. We hope to see everyone soon!

About Us

At Couleurs Vives, our goal is to not only help you decorate your home but to make the process easy and enjoyable for you. We are a full-service lifestyle design/art gallery company with a wide range of experience. We can help you with all the decoration needs for your home or commercial spaces: finding the perfect art pieces that would fit your spaces, and creating an inviting and fun space for you to enjoy for a long time.


We have an excellent reputation and attention to detail, clear communication, honesty, and integrity. Our artists/staff will be happy to answer all your questions. Most of our artists are hard-working neurodivergent people with wonderful talents and personalities. We strive to include all talents in our community and do our best to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.


Come to our vibrant gallery to browse our beautiful paintings and decor or just discuss your ideas with us! We will be glad to give you free consultation by appointment.

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Couleurs Vives

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